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I'm Laura. I'm 22. Born and raised in DC. My parents are Scottish. I have a degree in International Relations and work part-time for near-minimum wage at a movie theatre. I watch too much TV. I fall in love with fictional characters too easily.

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My ships: | Tony/Ziva (NCIS) | Spike/Buffy (BtVS) | Lily/James (HP) | Shawn/Juliet (Psych) | Skye/Ward (AoS)

Let me try looking like I think you’re an asshole.

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Gee, I wish people wouldn’t leave open graves laying around like this.

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Reveille AU

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i feel personally victimized by joss whedon

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what the fuck did Garrett do to Ward 

I am 86% sure Garrett has been fucking with Ward’s head since he was a teenager and brainwashed him or some shit and that is NOT OK I HOPE SOMEONE SHOOTS YOU IN THE FACE YOU ASSHOLE

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I knew Ward’s feelings for Skye were real 


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btvs appreciation week: [day 2] favorite pairing or friendship → dawn summers & spike

"I feel safe with you." "Take that back!"

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I am getting increasingly apprehensive about Ward and Skye’s potential future relationship when I stop and consider Joss Whedon’s track record with fictional couples and happily ever afters 

Buffy and Angel: *have sex* 
Angel: *turns evil* *dies* *moves to LA* 

Buffy: *tells Spike she loves him* 
Spike: *dies* 

Cordy and Angel:*about to get together*
Cordy: *becomes higher being* *evil pod person* *coma* *dies*

Fred and Wesley: *get together*  
Fred: *dies* 

Willow and Tara: *get back together* 
Tara: *dies* 

(these are all buffyverse examples. I am too lazy to go into Firefly/Dollhouse stuff but there are examples there too) 

No wonder the first thing out of my mouth after Skye and Ward’s kiss was, “Aw man now one of them’s gonna die!” 

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