Spuffy Appreciation Week: Day One: Old School Spuffy


4/10 Favorite Female Characters - Ziva David

"You tell yourself you must shut down. You tell yourself to never show emotion to anybody. I know what that’s like. It’s the only way you can s u r v i v e.”


skye week | day 7 | tickles your pickle

skye + break my heart why don’t you


Shawn Spencer » favorite outfits part2 (part1)

Commencing Epic Buffyverse Rewatch 2014! 

What to expect: crying, snarking, judgmental comments about clothing and hairstyle choices, screencaps, reblogging of relevant gifsets, personal story time, unflattering comments about relationships Spike or Buffy have that are not with each other (I promise I’ll try to keep that to a minimum…) 

If that all sounds like it will be incredibly annoying to see on your dash for the next few weeks, there is good news! I will be putting liveblog entries under read mores AND tagging them and any other related posts with “laura liveblogs btvs 2014

OK! Let’s do this thang 

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Favourite AOS Quotes: 1/??